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Service Refund Policy

  • Services at Advanced Health Massage and Yoga are transferrable, and non-refundable.  This includes Yoga Class Cards, Monthly Unlimited Yoga, Workshops, Massage Packages, and Certification Programs.
  • You may transfer monies paid for unexpired services to other services, or other persons.  Contact Liz if you wish to transfer monies paid.

Certification Programs Refund Policies

  • 30 days written notice is required to un-enroll from a Certification Program.
  • The Program Deposit is non-refundable.
  • For students on a Payment Plan who wish to un-enroll, payment is due until 30 days after the date notice was given.
  • For students who paid in full, the program is non-refundable, but transferrable.
    • For students who paid in full and wish to un-enroll from a program, he/she may transfer remaining monies to other services, or other persons.  The transferable amount is computed starting 30 days after the date notice was given, minus the non-refundable program deposit.

Certification Programs Make-Up Time

  • Please make every effort to attend program classes, this will greatly improve the experience for you, your fellow classmates, and the program instructors.
  • Students in certification programs can make up missed time by:
    • Attending the same course hours at AHMYoga the following year
    • Attending the same course hours in for another AHMYoga program during the same year
    • Home Study and practicum teahcing hours as approved by the Program Director